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Terms of purchase

General Conditions

eBillett is a service for selling tickets via the internet and mobile devices developed by Dialog eXe. Tickets are conveyed on behalf of our customers (the venue).


Pricing is determined by the venue in question. For certain types of reduced price tickets, for example student offers, you may need to supply proof of eligibility. If you have questions regarding prices and what terms apply to discounted tickets we recommend that you contact the venue directly.

Interchange fee

eBillett charges an interchange fee for selling tickets. This fee may vary between venues or events. This fee is determined in agreement with the venue.

Interchange fee covers purchase and delivery of tickets, including support.


All tickets conveyed through eBillett are electronic. The tickets will be delivered via email to the email address supplied upon purchase. If you utilize a profile during your purchase the tickets you have bought can also be found in the “Min Side” section of the site, https://ebillett.no and within the mobile app. All purchases made with the mobile app are automatically connected to your account.

The ticket must be brought with you to the venue, either as a printed document or on a mobile device. You may be denied entry if you do not have a valid ticket available.

Ticket on SMS will give you the internet link to your tickets.


The ticket is considered a document of value and should be handled as such. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the ticket does not end up in another persons possession. This applies to both electronic and physical tickets.

Each ticket has a unique ID that identifies the ticket in the form of numbers, a barcode and a QR code. The ID should under no circumstances be shared with other parties. This means that none of these elements should be visible if images of the tickets are shared online or otherwise.

Resale and second hand purchase

eBillett does not facilitate the reselling of tickets. Sale of purchased tickets must be handled by an is the responsibility of the purchaser. Please be aware that adding to the original price of the ticket is considered a violation of the laws governing resale of tickets to cultural or sporting events.

Second hand purchase of tickets is at the buyers own risk. eBillett can not assist in the verification of the validity of such tickets. Even if the ticket may be valid at the time of purchase it is possible that the same ticket has been sold multiple times and thus already used, resulting in entry to an event not being granted.


According to the laws governing purchase of tickets to events in Norway you are not guaranteed any form of refunds once a ticket has been purchased. This also applies to tickets purchased via the internet or mobile devices. Hence, tickets purchased through eBillett are not guaranteed the rights to a refund. In cases where a purchaser requests a refund we ask that they contact the venue in question.

You can read more about this here: https://www.forbrukerradet.no/forside/varer-og-tjenester/kultur/

When refunding a purchase the ticket price is refunded. Interchange fees associated with purchase and delivery of the tickets, including support, are not refunded.


In case of an event being cancelled the purchaser has the rights to a refund of the tickets they have bought. eBillett will in such cases assist the venue in facilitating the refunding.


eBillett requires that the purchaser supplies a valid email address when buying tickets. This is used to distribute tickets as well as to contact purchasers about important details pertaining to the event the ticket is valid for.

The email address will only be used to distribute information about other events if the purchaser explicitly consents to this during the purchase.

eBillett does not share contact details with third parties under any circumstances.