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Safe payment


eBillett utilizes Netaxept as our mediator for online payments by credit card. Netaxept is one of the largest payment services in the Nordic region.

Card information

eBillett does not store or handle card information. These details are handled by Netaxept. In cases of stored payment details this is also stored securely by Netaxept who are PCI-DSS certified.


We utilize 3D-secure in addition to Netaxept to ensure an even higher level of safety for your payments. This is a standard developed by the card issuers for secure authentication of the card holder. The implementation of this solution varies depending on your issuer but in Norway it is most often solved using BankID. Other banks may prefer single use codes via SMS or similar alternatives. If you have questions regarding these services we advise that you contact your bank.

Gift Cards

You can use gift cards purchased from the venue in question when buying tickets for an event. The gift card has a card number and a PIN-code that must be supplied when you wish to use it. Any unused funds will remain on the card until the card expires or until the next use of the gift card. If the amount on the gift card is insufficient to cover the cost of the tickets you may pay the remaining amount using a credit card.