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Frequently Asked Questions

I completed the purchase and got a receipt, but I have not received my tickets.

This is most often caused by one of two things, either the email that was entered upon purchase was misspelled or the email was interpreted as spam.This might be due to your email client, the ISP or a place of employments spam filters. Check the spam filters for your ticket, if it is not there we ask that you send us an email with the following details:
- The venue you purchased the ticket for
- The name and date of the event
- Your email address or the email address used during purchase
- The last four digits in the 16-digit card number used during purchase

Something went wrong after i entered my payment details, money has been withdrawn from my account and I have not received a ticket.

In case of an error occurring after we have reserved funds from your account we immediately return the funds to the bank. Unfortunately, the payment systems work in such a way that the funds in question may be reserved on your account for up to 2 to 3 days before they can be accessed again. You will be refunded in full and you may safely attempt a new purchase. Should you not be granted access to these funds after two to three working days we advise that you contact us so that we can investigate the matter.

I get a message telling me the card was rejected by the issuer, but I am certain my account has sufficient funds.

The transaction can be rejected by a bank/issuer for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately we do not have access to details pertaining to this. It may be a technical issue with the bank, as such we advise that you contact them directly or attempt a new purchase at a later time.

Upon entering my payment details I am prompted for a code or password. I do not have a password or code.

We utilize 3D-Secure when facilitating online payments, a solution chosen by banks and card issuers to ensure high levels of security and safety when shopping online. The authentication of payments varies depending on the bank in question, as such we advise that you contact them directly if you have questions regarding payment verification.

I have purchased a ticket but I am unable to attend the event, how can I get the ticket refunded?

Please see Refunds in the Terms of Purchase section

I have purchased a ticket for the wrong day/time/seat, how can I change this?

The easiest solution is that you purchase the tickets you require and email us requesting the incorrect purchase refunded. Please note that it has to be tickets to:
- The same movie (cinema)
- The same show/artist

This can also be handled at the venue itself.

I have purchased a ticket at the wrong location/cinema, how can I change this?

You have to contact the place where you mistakenly purchase your tickets and ask if they will allow a refund. If they approve this, they can contact us on [email protected]

Contact us

You can contact us via email at [email protected]. Please include information about the venue and the name and date of the event. If it concerns a specific purchase we also request that you include the last four digits in the 16-digit card number used during purchase.